Special Compounds

Innovative customer solutions and standardized compounds for special applications.


A natural fiber compound ahead of its time!
Resysta® is extremely resistant and environmentally friendly. Made of rice husks it is setting standards in terms of sustainability. It has a good haptic, it looks and feels like wood!

The range of applications is nearly endless. Yet it is easy to process on single and twin screw extruders. Our formulations range from injection molding to extrusion products including flame resistant grades.

Masterbatch / Color Masterbatch

Due to our many years of experience in coloring we are able to offer our customers individual solutions with special color batches based on various color codes (RAL, NCS, etc.)


  • Coloring of rigid PVC compounds
  • Coloring of soft PVC compounds
  • Powder color masterbatches 

HFFR Compound

Halogen free flame resistant compounds for the cable industry. Various LOI values are available for the application in cables on polyolefin basis.

Purging compound / Freezing mixture

Even the best line will come to a halt at some point!
We offer various highly thermal stable purging mixtures for injection molding and extrusion processes.